He Fills, We Bless



A  Journey of Faith: One Step at a Time

Our story up until this point can best be describes as one STEP of faith to the next.  Jesus has faithfully walked us along this path, and His relentless love and grace have been ever before us. It is so important to us that people understand these STEPS of faith we have taken have been through His power and strength alone.

STEP of faith: We both sensed a strong call on our lives for full-time missions work when we were 16 and 18.  We were dating at the time, and God decided to tell us both, on the same day, in different states, that this was His plan for us.  Being quite nervous about what the other would think, we shared that evening what God had shown us.  SURPRISE! We both heard the same thing from the Lord. God’s first MAJOR way of showing up in His plans for us TOGETHER.


STEP of faith: We were married young and after I completed my Nursing degree, we were commissioned off to bible college in South Carolina.  Luke completed his B.A. in Intercultural Studies, from Columbia International University.  We had Lucas and Tessa during this time, living in a beautiful Jesus-loving married housing community. Then, just as Luke was about finish and we would move back home, God opened his eyes to the realization that his gifting would work very well in the counseling field.  STEP of faith: He went on to complete a 3.5 year Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from CIU, and grew personally and professionally in more ways than we thought possible! STEP of faith: During this time we had grown a strong burden for the ministry of adoption, and we decided, in faith, to move forward with adopting a baby domestically.  About a year after that we were driving to pick up our 2 week old baby, Camden. That year was a year of giant faith stretching, as logistically, we had no business adopting a baby! This season forever shaped our understanding of the difference between “wisdom” and “logic”.

baby camdengraduation

STEP of faith: During Luke’s last year at CIU we became interested in doing missions in Thailand specifically.  Luke went and visited right before graduation, and we moved forward with planning our future serving there. STEP of faith: In 2013, after finishing our time at CIU, we moved back to NY, where we got valuable on-the-job experience and continued to prepare to head to the mission field. STEP of faith: During this time of preparation for missions, AGAIN, God gave us a vision of another child in the US, that belonged in our family.  We were quite surprised by this idea, as we thought we would have our next child in Thailand, through adopting a Thai child.  However, we moved forward with adopting a child that was available for adoption through the state system, and exactly 2 years later, Nikki became our daughter (2015).


STEP of faith: After Nikki had been home and settled for some time we were encouraged by the leadership of our church to seek God about when we would want to take the next steps to launch.   STEP of faith:  Luke quit his full-time social services job March.1st, so he could give his attention and time to raising support.  This is where our journey has brought us to this point. We are urgently and expectantly seeking the Lord and His people for who He has as our support team. We are learning to throw ourselves on the truth that God is our provider, protector and source of power.  We are desperate to understand this more deeply in this season, and the many ahead of us!    #SmallcombsInThailand


He Fills, We Bless. 

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